Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth Activism

This section is for those who are no longer on the Flat Earth Fence... you know the Earth is Flat and you want to spread the truth!

Flat Earth Activism Tools

We have a pretty good selection of Flat Earth Red Pill items most featuring this Website. New items are being added regularly.

Flat Earth Banners

Our Flat Earth Banners are the ideal tool for Street Activism, whether you go with our Giant Lies banner or one of the smaller ones you will sure to attract attention. These banners are super effective in planting seeds in peoples minds, a percentage WILL look into it.alt

Flat Earth T-Shirts

!!!!! Update, our designs have been removed from TeePublic without warning or explanation, we'll find a new platform eventually !!!!!

Don't leave home without your Flat Earth T-Shirt on! Be warned.... you will be questioned, have flat earth cards ready to hand someone after you lay some Flat Earth Facts on 'em! (We have more than just T-Shirts... there's also Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Tanks and more!)



Flat Earth Activists

Here's a few Flat Earth Activists,... each with their own page containing information on their Flat Earth Activism as well as links to their Websites and Social Media Pages.

Flat Earth Car Activists

Flat Earth Bumper Stickers are cool and all, but ........

Flat Earth Nuts

Suzanne is spreading Flat Earth Truth as well as other Truths through her TruthSmacks Website and product packaging.


Flat Earth Activism

This section will provide some ideas as to what you can do to spread Flat Earth Truth.

Flat Earth Activism Events

On the Street Activism is the most important thing we can do, not everyone feels comfortable doing it. Sometimes in life you need to step outside of your comfort zone and do the right thing. You're not a good public speaker? .... not a problem, it's easy to hand someone a Flat Earth Card and say "Check it out, we've been duped!"

Flat Earth Meet Ups

Meet Ups are super important, we need to be able to talk face to face with those who are the same page and our discussions need not be restricted in fear of the backlash or ridicule. Our numbers are large, however finding a group maybe difficult, you may need to be the one that starts a local group. In order to wake up the masses these Meet Ups need to include discussions on ways to bring attention to the Flat Earth Truth.... we can't just keep the knowledge to ourselves.

Flat Earth Memes

Memes are a super effective way of getting people to think, most won't take the time to read a paragraph of information .... memes draw 'em in and get them to think. Hopefully after they've been Red Pilled they'll want to research it.

Flat Earth Tour - USA/Canada

We are working on a Flat Earth Tour .... you don't need to be able to travel the country to be a part of the event!alt

Flat Earth Globe Lies Euro Tour 2019

The 2018 Globe Lie Tour was such a success why not all of Europe!?


Flat Earth Globe Lies UK Tour 2018

The Globe Lies Tour was a huge success, Harry and Jason took Flat Earth Street Activism to the road and did a brilliant job of getting people to question their beliefs.

Sponsor a Flat Earth Activist

Help spread the Flat Earth Truth by Sponsoring a Flat Earth Activist!

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