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One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Globe Lies UK Tour 2018

We will be getting the 1st inside look at the tour bus and how Harry and Jason will be living over the next 8 weeks as they embark on the biggest activism tour this country has seen going to over 50 locations.

Since 2015 the internet has been flooded with people researching flat earth and creating content, now more than 21 million videos have been created which exceeds even Donald Trump. One of the most prominent people in this community of truth seekers is Harry McDonald, 60 from Edinburgh, who created a YouTube Channel anonymously under the channel name of John Smith Globe Lie to capture the conversations he had with people in local parks and universities and share his proofs that we don’t live on a globe. These conversations have captivated the community and no doubt demonstrate the myriad of ways the general public receive the information.

Harry has been tirelessly campaigning in the UK this year and has passionately supported others who want to share their knowledge in their own local towns. This year reached a crescendo when a team of activists, supported by Harry, came to speakers corner in Hyde Park London and drew significant numbers of passers by. The footage is mesmerizing because, on many levels, as the audience try to process the information, they struggle through their own programming and often respond with a positive intent to look into the information further.

Here is one of Harry’s friends Dave Mannall who Harry filmed speaking at Hyde Park and Harry filming himself and others in the many hot weather weekend sessions in August

Torquay - Day 3 - Globe Lies UK Tour

Here's the dates for September - November where they'll visit 56 Towns and Cities in the UK:

Locations to be announced.


Taunton 13
Exeter 14
Torquay 15
Plymouth 16
St Austell 17
Truro 18
Lands End 19
Penzance 20
Newquay 21
Barnstaple 21
Bath 22
Bristol 23
Newport 24
Swansea 25
Milford Haven 26
Snowden Wales 27
Holyhead 28
Dublin 29
Cork 30


Limerick 01
Galway 02
Belfast 03
Ayr 04
Glasgow 05
Tobermory 06
John O Groats 07
Thurso 08
Stromness 09
Kirkwell 10
Inverness 11
Aberdeen 12
Perth 13
Stirling 14
Carlisle 15
Newcastle 16
Middlesborough 17
Scarborough 18
Hull 19
York 20
Leeds 21
Huddersfield 22
Doncaster 23
Stoke-On-Trent 24
Nottingham 25
Leicester 26 
Cambridge 27 
Ipswich 28 
chelmsford 29 
Oxford 30 
Swindon 31 


Weymouth 01
Yeovil 02
London 03


The Flat Earth Tour is making the news!

Flat earthers visited Cambridge today and this is what happened  (Cambridge News)

A growing band of people who believe the Earth is flat visited Cambridge today (October 24) to challenge the view the Earth is round.

Harry McDonald and Jason Disbury, of the Globe Lie UK Tour, visited Market Square to spread awareness about the "lies and misinformation" about the planet being spherical.

The friends and Harry's dog have been touring the UK and Ireland in a bus since September 13 and say they have collected 200 pieces of evidence which prove their counter-argument.  ~Continue Reading

What you had to say about claims the Earth really is flat
(North Wales News)

Since it was first announced that a 'flat-Earther' is visiting North Wales as part of a UK tour, there has been a lot of reaction from Daily Post readers.

Harry McDonald, who runs the Youtube channel 'John Smith Globe Lie', is coming to Snowdon and Holyhead this week, as part of a 56-date tour to 'expose the biggest lie of all'.

The 60-year-old has branded international space agency NASA as liars and made claims such as: 'Earth is not a magical spinning ball with bendy water', 'gravity has never been proven' and 'there is no real evidence of rockets or satellites in space'.

NASA actually responded to the Daily Post about Mr McDonald's claims, with a spokesman saying: "We employ some of the greatest scientists in the world. I’m unclear where the person you interviewed gets their numbers or information, but I can tell you that research has shown that the Earth is indeed indisputably not flat."~Continue Reading

Conspiracy theorists try to convince Nottingham the world isn't round (Nottingham News)

Conspiracy theorists were out in force in Old Market Square determined to prove that the world is not round but flat. Armed with leaflets and banners, this is part of a eight-week tour of the UK, with scores of individuals coming forward to spread the word in Nottingham on Monday, October 22.

Calling themselves globe deniers and flat-earthers, they believe that no one has landed on the moon and that the globe does not exist.

They are calling for people to 'challenge what we know.'

The tour started in Ireland and is taking in around 40 locations, finishing in London on November 3.

Roxanne Glen, one of the organisers, said: "We are saying 'question what you have been taught.' We want facts and proof. The earth is not a globe. It is not as we know it." ~Continue Reading

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