Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth Merchandise & Activism Tools
Help spread the word and support's Educational efforts.

Flat Earth Business Cards

Hand someone a card or use some Guerilla Marketing techniques... just plant the seeds!

Research Flat Earth Business Cards

Earth is Flat Business Cards

Space is Fake Business Cards

Research Flat Earth Business Cards (500)

Drop Money - Research Flat Earth

Earth is Flat Business Cards (500)

Flat Earth Business Card Holder

Space is Fake Business Cards (500)

Did you know the Earth is Flat? Brochures

Top 10 Flat Earth Proofs on a Pocket Size Brochure.


Research Flat Earth Stickers

Spread the message with our Flat Earth Stickers! 

Tiny Research Flat Earth Stickers

Earth is Flat Stickers

Large Research Flat Earth Stickers Sticker

Round Research Flat Earth Stickers

Research Flat Earth Stickers

Earth is Flat Stickers

Space is Fake Stickers

Earth is Flat Stickers

We've Been Duped! Stickers

Aloha Earth is Flat Stickers Stickers

QR Code Stickers

Earth is Flat dot com Stickers

QR Code Stickers

Flat Earth Postcards

A great flat earth activism tool!

Double Sided!

Research Flat Earth Stamper

Stamp your Money, Mail, Whatever!

Deluxe Research Flat Earth Stamper

Flat Earth Buttons

Don't go out on the town without some buttons on your Jacket! There you are out and about with your sweet Flat Earth Buttons and someone say's "hey, what's your button suppose to mean?" ..... that's the door opening for you to drop a Flat Earth Red Pill on 'em!

Flat Earth Map Button

NASA Lies Button

Research Flat Earth / Map Button

Flat Earth Necklaces

Wearing our Flat Earth Map Necklace will open the door to the question, "What's your pendant?" ......Bam, drop some Flat Earth Clues.

Flat Earth Map Necklace (silver tone)

Flat Earth Magnets

Magnets! Perfect for Cars, Lockers, Refrigerators, etc....  

Flat Earth Activism Banners

Our Flat Earth Banners are the perfect addition for your Flat Earth Meetup, Activism or Home Decor.


Flat Earth T-Shirts

Our line of Flat Earth T-Shirts are great conversation starters as people will ultimately ask you questions.