Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

20 Geographical Proofs that the Earth is an Extended Plane

Ebenezer Breach's 1898 booklet (Part 2)


The north and north-east of the European continent consists, with few interruptions, of an immense plain. No rotundity!


In Hindustan, Afghanistan, Persia, Armenia, Arabia, and Asia Minor there are also extensive table or flat lands. The whole of Central Asia is a plateau. No rotundity!


In the interior of Africa there are also extensive table lands, but their elevation is not remarkable. No rotundity!


The Sahara or Great Desert is a table or flat land. The trade winds also forbid the atmosphere revolving with the earth, as they could not blow and prevail six months one way and six months the other if the whole constantly revolved one way only. No rotundity!


There is the table-land of Abyssinia as another proof that the earth is not a globe. We read of the plain of Dura in Babylon.  Where would the great image have been if the plain revolved 1100 miles per minute?


There are also those in Spain, in Baravia, and in the South of Norway. No rotundity!


There are also those that comprise the Netherlands, Denmark, Northern Germany, and almost all European Russia. No rotundity!


The level expanse of sands that are on view in immense deserts prove unmistakably that the earth isnot in revolution. The tides also forbid it, as they could not gradually undulate six hours one way, six hours the other, with the ocean going one way only.


The Equator of the earth which corresponds with the Celestial Equator is a complete circle midway between the north centre and south circumference, so there are no hemispheres as represented on maps. No rotundity!


The  earth   is   entirely separated and detached from the heavens, and in the laws that control the earth and the celestial bodies there is no affinity whatever. The different layers or beds of which the earth is composed all lie horizontally, one over the other, like the leaves of a book. So no curvatures, and no rotundity!