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One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

What's New on Flat Earth 101?

I Want to Believe T-Shirts - Jan 16 2019

The X-Files Parody



Top 10 Flat Earth Proofs Banners - Jan 14 2019


Stars? - Jan 13 2019

Which is it, you can see stars from space or you can't? The video below has been
added to our Space is Fake

Flat Earth Book- Jan 07 2019


Flat Earth Brochures - Jan 06 2019


Flat Earth Maps - Dec 25 2018


It's easier to fool - Tshirt - Dec 25 2018

It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled. ~Mark Twain

Marilyn Spirit Level Activism Banner - Dec 14 2018


Darryle Marble Activism Banner - Dec 13 2018


Darryle Marble Activism Banner - Dec 12 2018


Top 10 Flat Earth Proofs - Dec 10 2018


Flat Earth Activist - Nov 30 2018

Six new Flat Earth Street Activist added!

Mark Mullen / Travis Finley / Peter Accomando / Woody Wood / Timothy John Cody / Aaron Reason

Earth is Flat Banner - Nov 20 2018

alt Banner - Nov 8 2018

Earth is Flat Banner - Nov 7 2018

Flat Earth Activist - Nov 05 2018

Two new Flat Earth Street Activist added!

Angiel Cabral  +  John Thor

Space is Fake T-Shirt - Nov 1 2018

Sometimes you wanna just blow someone's mind wide open.... this is the shirt to do it!

Flat Earth Map Necklace - Nov 1 2018

This pendant is great way to show you're hip to the earth not being a spinning space ball of water! You will ultimately be asked about it .... be prepared to lay some of the 200 Proofs on 'em and hand 'em your card for them to look into the Flat Earth.

Earth is Flat Cards - Oct 31 2018

The most convenient Flat Earth Seed Planting Tool available!

Flat Earth Activist - Oct 29 2018

Two new Flat Earth Street Activist added!

Dave Marsh + Brice Suter

Meme - Oct 26 2018

Most of us are visual- memes are an effective way of opening someone's eyes....

Click on image for full size version (instagram ready)


Flat Earth Tour 2019 - Oct 25 2018

A Flat Earth Tour is being put together featuring Flat Earth Activist from all over the USA and Canada.


ISS Gravity Pocket - Oct 25 2018

Another pocket of "Gravity" has been discovered on the International "Space" Station.

Click here for Video


Globe Lies UK Tour 2018 - Oct 24 2018

The UK Flat Earth Tour is making the NEWS!


Circumnavigating the Flat Earth - Oct 23 2018

From our favorite:  DITRH



T-Shirts - Oct 18 - 22 2018

Flat Earth Parody T-Shirts

Flat Earth Stuff -  Oct 21 2018

Flat Earth Activist Postcards and Magnets added to our store.


Fact vs Theory  - Oct 5 2018

Short Video of Flat Earth Facts!

Click Here

Flat Earth Street Activists - Sept 25 2018

FE Street Activist Profiles


Space is Fake! - Sept 15 2018

Sorry to shatter your space fantasies, but yes it's all made up!