Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

The Truth Shall Set You Free is dedicated to unmasking the truth that our world is flat and motionless. Contained within this site is enough Flat Earth material to help jump start your own research, keep in mind every single person that knows the earth is flat was once a Ball Earth Believer.

200 Proofs the Earth is Not a Spinning Ball 

The largest collection of supposed "spinning ball Earth proofs" ever offered by NASA and other official agencies is 10, all of which are debunked here. So here's 20 times the amount of proofs your government has ever given you that you are NOT living on a spinning ball planet....... Click here to continue.


Flat Earth Clues

Flat Earth Clues is a 13 part series that covers every aspect of the enclosed system we live in. From the space program to extreme weather expeditions, you can follow the clues to the truth which will change how you see the world around you. Click here for the cluesalt

Water Doesn't Curve or Bend

The simple fact is that all the contiguous oceans and seas are all at the same sea level and are all flat on their surfaces. 
The earth is 70% water, since water cannot curve or bend there can only be one logical explanation... The Earth is Flat!

Space is a Hoax

We must be living on a giant space ball of water, because we've seen the "evidence" from NASA! It's time to take a step back and use some critical thinking to determine truth from fiction.

Top 10 Flat Earth Proofs


Flat Earth Outreach Events

We try to do at least one Flat Earth Outreach Event per month.


Gravity Hoax

Gravity the go-to THEORY for everything!

21 Questions

Fact / Theory



Why Lie?

This is the #1 question Flat Earthers receive, why would anyone go through this elaborate hoax? The powers that be want to hide the truth of our existence at all costs as they do not want to have anyone/anything else in higher power than themselves.

The majority of people believe they are descendants of monkeys living on a giant spinning ball of water hurtling and spiraling through space. All of which was not created but was formed billions of years ago in some outrageous cosmic explosion that created everything from nothing. 
If this were true it would mean we are an insignificant pieces of cosmic dust! We aren't special in the least, without a purpose in being here. Our self worth and outlook on others and the world as a whole is warped. Well, the exact opposite is true, we are special and are not some random result of a billion year old explosion!

There's a few different scenarios that Flat Earthers believe in, obviously no one knows for sure who or what is responsible. 
After you do your research you will definitely come to one realization:
The Earth is Flat!

Video-  Flat Earth- Why it Matters:



So What?

Who cares if the Earth is Flat, it doesn't affect me at all! Well, that's not true, when we reach a tipping point in which enough people know the truth things will change.

There's going to be a lot of angry people demanding answers and wanting the truth to be told on a "global" scale! All the time and resources spent on this hoax is insane. 

Once you realize that you have been lied to about the earth you will have to question everything you thought to be true. Everything is Suspect!

FE Activists

The Flat Earth Truth Movement is taking off! We've showcased some Flat Earth Activist who are spreading the word.