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One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth Activists

This section features Flat Earth Activist's Bios, Images, Videos and Contact Information. This page is dedicated to On The Street Activist, whether In Person or Guerilla Style(we had a glitch with the " Get Added" form, corrected on 10/20/18, prior to then no requests were received.)

Realm Walker

Chicago, IL

Brother Ernest

 Boston, MA

David Hicks


Flat Earth Boxer

 Tempe, AZ



Roxanne Glen

 London, UK

Richard Lopez


Jason Disbury


David Weiss



 Chicago, IL

 NJ / PA

Rob Ringrose

Northern Maryland/ Baltimore

Brice Suter

Villa Rica, GA

Angie Cabral


John Thor


Marilyn Spirit Level

PA / NJ / NY / DE / MD

Flat Earth Focker

 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Joshua Swift


Darryle Marble

 Portland, OR

Mike Allen

Regina, Sask, Canada

Nathan Thompson

Lexington, KY

Harry McDonald


Nathan Roberts



Bristol, UK

Howard George Stirrup

Stoke on Trent, UK & Benidorm, Spain

Ruben Dario Jaramillo

North London, UK

Dave Marsh


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A Flat Earth Tour is being put together featuring Flat Earth Activist from all over the USA and Canada.

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Flat Earth Activist Tools

We have a full range of Flat Earth Tools to assist you in Flat Earth Seed Planting, new items are also in the works.

Know Your Rights!

A major issue with Activism is dealing with Police, be sure to check out this page so you'll know what to do when the Police attempt to violate your Free Speech Rights:  Jesse Morrell Street Preacher