Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

David Hicks

YouTube Channel:   Zoom Truth


I finally woke at age 45 years old to a world full of lies and I am grateful even though it is not easy being "woke". Previous to waking up I had always thought I was open minded and quite an original thinker when actually I was and am the opposite.  I was a follower, a robot. After all those years of brainwashing and conditioning I still struggle to think for myself.  I wasted years in college, then went to a slave job in finance with dreams of riches and pride.  Lucky for me I never fit in and my career in finance died shortly after the WTC hoax.  I then joined the family business, still stuck in the mind set of building an empire from a tiny little family business that struggled to stay afloat.
Eventually I started valuing my time more than how many stores I could "own" or how much more money I could earn. In 2014 the family business was doing pretty well financially, but our family was not, with lots of arguing and disagreements over how to run the business. My health was in ruins from stress, a poor diet and years of drinking.  I ended up leaving the family business and with my newly found free time I slowly started to break free of the matrix slave mentality programming. It was a process that took a couple of years, and started with improving my health through water fasting and eating a better diet and eventually stumbling in February 2017 onto a youtube video called: A Jew Exposing the Holocaust, by David Cole.   One month later I bumped into Flat Earth after hearing Kyrie Irving on the news and a week later watched Eric Dubay's History of Flat Earth.  I now knew the earth is flat and went from a lifelong atheist to understanding that this place was created, and shortly after became born again. I have been consumed with learning the truth and exposing the lies ever since. 

David and Marilyn in NYC Time Square!