Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Truth Smacks

The developer of Truth Smacks, am a former teacher with a passion for health and fitness and a dedication to researching, finding, and now SPREADING TRUTH

Since I awakened from my mainstream slumber back in October of 2007, I have navigated down many (countless) rabbit holes, from 9/11, to vaccines, to aspartame, fluoride, chemtrails, the money system, secret societies, the false left-right paradigm, mind control, the eugenics agenda, false flag shooting events, the AIDS/HIV lie, germ theory vs. terrain theory, the Evolution myth, mud floods, the COVID agenda, transhumanism, and one of the biggest, the false representation of our world and our cosmology (i.e. the globe). 

Seeing the strong mind control many people are still under, I felt I needed to do something but, I am not a speaker, not a podcaster, not a video editor, have no real technical skills to speak of…  But THEN, I discovered one thing that I WAS good at, that people loved, not at all related to my passion for truth, I found people LOVED my ‘nut mix’, as it was called, which I infused with peppermint using only a few drops of natural essential oil.

Everyone I gifted it to just raved about it, and my one friend even referred to it as ‘Suzie’s Crack Mix’, because it was just that addictive.:)  Then, a divine hit of inspiration came, and I thought: “That’s it! I’ll market my nut mix and spread TRUTH (or open people’s minds to new ideas) via my packaging!  And hence, TRUTH SMACKS was born:  Spreading truth one delicious morsel at a time.


Truth Smacks Trail Mix

A delicious and nutritious trail mix blend that will not only satisfy your visceral hunger, but your hunger for truth, knowledge, and empowerment as well.  Each bag of Truth Smacks trail mix is mouth-wateringly and supremely delicious and power-packed with vitamins, essential minerals, protein, and healthy fats.

Paperback: Granny Knows the Earth is Round ... And FLAT!

In this colorful children’s book, Granny takes little Suzie on a flying adventure with her magic cane, flying over mountains and valleys, hills and plains; oceans, lakes and rivers, forest and desert, cities, and even over Antarctica, proving to Suzie that the world is indeed FLAT. Colorful illustrations are uniquely merged with real-world photographs, making it a fun and life-like journey for children and adults alike.