Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Research Flat Earth
By Richard Lopez / Facebook Page: Flat Earth News & Reports

Below are 20 areas for you to Research and draw your own conclusions.

1) Every photo of the Earth is Photoshopped or CGI composites. A real photo of the Earth is not available.

2) The Earth has no curvature to be measured. The Earth does not curve downwards as it should if it were indeed a sphere.

3) High altitude weather balloons were sent over 100,000 feet in the air. All camera footage without a Fisheye lens reveal a flat motionless plane each and every time.

4) No legit experiment on the books proves the Earth spins or even has any detectable motion. We're not spinning!

5) Water always finds its level. Water must be contained, it does not bend or curve into a ball.

6) Gravity is theory and has never been proven. Density and Buoyancy is all that's needed. Anything heavier then air will fall, anything lighter then air will rise.... like a helium balloon.

7) Antarctica is not continent. Antarctica on a Flat Earth is a 200 foot ice belt that circles the continents. 

8) NASA receives over 53 million dollars a day. All of NASA's astronauts are Freemasons and help promote the heliocentric agenda.

9) Flat Earth is the most ridiculed topic known to man. Why is that? 

10) The United Nations logo is a Flat Earth map. They hide the truth in plain site.

11) The Sun is not 93 million miles away. The sun is much local just like it appears to be.

12) Stars and so called planets are just illuminated lights in the sky. You can see this for yourself, look through a telescope the stars & planets appear to just be pulsating lights in water.

13) Satellites do not orbit the Earth. That idea is completely science fiction. You can take this one step further.... "
Space" is Science Fiction and doesn't exist!

14) Look into the past military operations that involve the Antarctic; Operation Deep Freeze, Operation High Jump, and Operation Fish Bowl. Also interviews with Admiral Richard E Byrd are very telling.

15) Research Antarctica Treaty.

16) Look into the ancient maps and ancient cosmologies.

17) The scientific establishment's math of the globular Earth is called into question and their math does not add up.

18) NASA has been caught using green screens, wire harnesses, hairspray, bubbles in space and augmented virtual reality.

19) Astronauts landing on the man was a hoax and has been debunked several times.

20) Science is testable, repeatable, measurable and observable. Pseudoscience is the opposite and it's called scientism, a religion.