Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth Guerilla Marketing

Spreading the word of the Flat Earth doesn't require you to stand on a street corner
and preach! You can just plant a seed here and there.

Flat Earth Cards

These are a great way to spread the word as the cards will be taken by the curious!
Available Here.

Flat Earth Brochures

These are by far the most effective tool, these mini flat earth brochures have 10 proofs that are guaranteed to have someone start questioning their reality! Available Here.

Waiting Rooms!

A Flat Earther in San Diego has come up with an ingenious way of getting the truth out... while in the waiting room at the Doctors Office or Car Service Center our Flat Earth Stickers are placed on magazines. (business cards & brochures can also be used, just slip them inside)

Flat Earth Drop Money

Sometimes you really want someone to get the message, these fake $100 bills are a sure fire way, these cards are ALWAYS taken!
A common practice is to just drop them on the floor, don't do that, they should be place on counter or table.... ain't nobody got time to be bending over!    Available Here