Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Gregory Garrett

Professional Author, Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Teacher, Gothic Musical Composer and Author: 

The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets I
If you have even read a book by this author, Gregory Lessing Garrett, you will know what to expect in this third book release of his: A tour de force of compelling research, empirical evidence, razor-sharp wit, and argumentation and proofs that would put Aristotle and Socrates to shame. This is that type of book, as well. If you have it in your hands, you have hit the motherload of Earth Topology and the Holy Grail of Earth and Man's deepest secrets. Essentially, this book is an Anthology of Gregory Lessing Garrett's writings and others on the topic of Flat Earth Plane Cosmology of all types, including Enclosed Earth, Hollow Earth, Concave Earth, Infinite Plane Earth, and The Enochian Earth.

The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets II
Evidently, NASA can see though millions of layers of stars and galaxies to get thousands of crystal-clear shots of galaxies millions of light years away, but they cannot take even ONE simple photo of Earth from the Moon's distance that is not CGI fakery? NASA is merely a film production company with a huge budget and huge real rocket props. We have ALL been indoctrinated by occult high masters at NASA to the tune of 53 million dollars a day coming out of OUR Pay Checks to pay for their fake CGI rubbish. When we stop and slow down and really, really let it sink in, the most accurate map of the Earth used by the United Nations is The Flat Earth Map?

The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets III: Beyond The Curve
It is crucial to realize that “Outer Space”, and all that is purported to exist beyond the known uppermost layer of The Earth’s atmosphere, is really an occult metaphor for esoteric spiritual concepts. In essence, Outer Space, with its alleged cosmic events and forces, is merely an occult religion. These cosmic events and forces do not, in fact, exist in the real physical world. Contrary to popular belief, NASA has never seen anything beyond The Firmament, also referred to as “The Van Allen Radiation Belts”, any more than George Lucas has.

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