Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Laminated Flat Earth Menu ~Sold Out~
Designed by Marilyn Spirit Level

There you are with some Flat Earthers having a Meet Up, wouldn't it be nice to have something to signal your FE Guests with? Just sit our Flat Earth Menu upright on your table and your fellow Flat Earthers will have no problem finding you! As an added bonus you'll be doing some passive Flat Earth Activism as you will undoubtedly get some questions from curious ball believers! Invite them to join you and they can look at the Flat Earth Menu as it contains a bunch of thought provoking Flat Earth Proofs!






Turn your Meet Up into Activism!

The Flat Earth Menu

  • 4 Full Color Pages
  • Laminated
  • Overall Size 11x17
  • Self Standing

# FLT044

$9 each

(Sold Out for the foreseeable future)

Marilyn, Rob, Mark and other Flat Earthers displaying the Flat Earth Menu a Delaware MeetUp.