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One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley / David


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Just a bit about me without getting into too much detail.... I'm the perfect example of using your skills to share Flat Earth, I'm pretty good as a Website Designer. I was in the Fashion Industry for 25+ years, consisting of the designing of jewelry, graphic tees, as well as catalogs, print ads and websites. I'm incorporating all my skills in the spread of Truth!

i decided to compile all the topics that i normally warn people about on one website rather than explain things to someone.... which i am totally not good at I can just refer them to my website.... I also added Flat Earth to the site, but I needed to go over the top with it so poof .... this site was created, - i know someone reading this doesn't know where they are, drugs are bad, get help! I'm not a very good writer so 99% of the content on this site is from others- especially since they do such a good job. I started my activism in the real world after meeting David Weiss at the Flat Earth Conference in North Carolina, David is the original Flat Smacker! I've been copying his Business Card activism style ever since and even offer Flat Earth 101 cards for sale on this site. (see the images below of my flat smacking technique) Leaving business cards everywhere is how I got started into activism, I try to get out on the streets at least once a month with the NJ, PA Flat Earth GroupI'm pretty shy and still have a difficult time explaining the Flat Earth to people, but I do my best and also hand my Flat Earth Cards to people. It's great to let people know about the Flat Earth in person, but the icing on the cake is giving them something to take with them so they can figure it out for themselves. I think I did a pretty good job on this site providing the information to give someone a jump start in their research.

Flat Earth Activism

The image below is from an event Marilyn and I did in Philadelphia, right at City Hall! Click on my image below to see our past events and upcoming .

Flat Smacking / Guerrilla Marketing

Leaving Flat Earth Business Cards all over is the easiest way for me to do activism especially since my wife hates the whole Flat Earth movement. I work from home so all my real world Flat Smacking is done on the weekends, every weekend for the past year I've left 250 - 500 cards. I ALWAYS hit anything "Space" related, especially Globes, they're like a must smack.

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