Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth Matters-  Karen McKnelly

Greetings to my Flat Earth Family! 
Come join us for our Flat Smackin' Street Activism in Jacksonville Florida. 
We meet at least once a month, click here to contact Karen

YouTube Channel:  Flat Earth Matters

Flat Earth Matters - ROAD TRIP!

I left Jacksonville Florida a week ago on October 10th and I have been traveling Westward to Port Angeles Washington with a puppy that I am taking to my granddaughter. Not much activism happening on our westbound Journey. I have dropped off puppy and I am heading south into California. From this point forward we will be doing some activism. I will be uploading videos when I have a Wi-Fi connection, due to the fact YouTube will not let me do a live stream. If there are any Flat-Earthers along the way I would love to meet up with you whether it's to grab a bite to eat or do some FlatSmackin'. From Port Angeles I will be heading south on I-5 into California, if anyone wants to meet up .... Click Here.

Karen's 4Runner's Flat Earth Hood! ~ A little wet but not too shabby!

Karen's Flat Earth 4Runner will be Flat Smacking everyone along her journey, hundreds of pictures will be taken and shared across the internet. A percentage of people that see the truck in person and via the internet will actually look into the Flat Earth! It's a great way to spread the truth!

Karen met up with a fellow Flat Earth Activist in Phoenix. ~ Flat Earth Boxer ~

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Flat Earth Matters - FlatSmacking!

Karen is a Full Service Flat Earth Truth Provider! .... She has all bases covered to get the word out! .... Flat Earth: Vehicle, Guerilla Marketer and Street Activist!

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Flat Earth Matters - Street Activism

Karen on the streets spreading the Flat Earth Truth!

When Karen isn't out doing Flat Earth Outreach/Activism, her Truck is!