Flat Earth 101

One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them. ~Aldous Huxley 

Flat Earth 101 Outreach Events
Featuring Eric Dubay's "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball"

Flat Earth Outreach - Denver, CO (November 2018 - day/time/location to be determined)

Flat Earth March - Philadelphia, PA - Dec 8 2018  ~ A Zoom Truth event!

We will have 3 speeches at 3 walking locations Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and The Federal Court Building. We will be crushing the globe tearing up a science book and ripping the gold fringe off of the Maritime USA Flags found in courtrooms. Then we will walk 6 blocks to a flea market in Love Park next to City Hall carrying banners and passing out FE literature.

Please carpool and commit to coming. I bet you never ever saw Independence Hall!!!!  No flags will be harmed in this event!

Zoom Truth 
is having nightly live streams to show how to plan an event like this so tune in from his YouTube Channel and join the chat.

We will be teaching Flat Earth Activism by pairing up with experienced activists like Marilyn and Zoom and a Plane Truth and Peter(who doesn't have a channel) and more who are coming. Please announce this opportunity to everyone now so they can plan to attend.

We will all park under the Constitution Center on 6th and Market Streets and be ready to roll at 11:00 am. We will spend an hour in the 1 block area until we march to City Hall around 12:30. 

Everyone who comes will get one of our famous blue shirts that we wore on Ocean City Boardwalk FREE! That alone is worth it!

..... Please click here to reach out to David aka Zoom Truth that you will be attending.

Flat Earth Seminar- PA, NJ, NY? (Nov/Dec? 2018 - day/time/location to be determined)

Our Past Events

Flat Earth Outreach in Skippack, PA  (Arts & Crafts Festival) - October 5,6,7 2018

Our 3'x8' Flat Earth Banners in action at the Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk

Flat Earth 101 Outreach - Point Pleasant, NJ - August 26, 2018 (In front of Franks at Ocean and Arnold Ave)

Flat Earth 101 Outreach -Times Square NYC - August 12 2018  (Special Guest - Zoom Truth)

Jim Thorpe - Front

Flat Earth 101 Outreach -Jim Thorpe, PA - July 22 2018 - Josiah White Park (Next to Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway) ~Back of 200 Proofs Banners.

Flat Earth 101 Outreach Events in Ocean City NJ (June 3 2018, July 8 2018, Sept 2 2018)

~with Special GuestZoom Truth~

Marilyn explaining the Flat Earth

Richard answering Flat Earth questions

Click here to view our banners in better detail
Flat Earth 101 Outreach Events in Ocean City NJ (June 3 2018, July 8 2018, Sept 2 2018)

Flat Earth 101 Outreach Event at City Hall, Center City Philadelphia, PA  (June 30 2018) ~ Marilyn ~

More Flat Earth Activist

Our group isn't the only ones doing outreach, here's some other Flat Earth Activist spreading truth all over the Flat Plane!